Who We Are

Wakubo is a collective experience of creative and skilled marketers, designers, programers, and storytellers that
strive to produce a captivating and powerful creative content for your brand. Our wide range of expertise has
enabled us to cover your needs to upgrade your digital growth.

Our Service

Make A Blueprint

We are gonna identify your brand. Do the research and find your uniqueness. Create a blueprint to build your personality. Your brand gonna be stand out from the others after your step out from our workshop.

Learn The Target

We are gonna research your audience, find their interest and needs. So we can make a best strategy to win the heart of your audience, and craft the weapon that gonna strike to their heart.

Blow The Message

We gonna craft the ultimate weapon for you, it called Conscience Cannon. This weapon will destroy all the hesitant feeling in people heart toward you. This weapon also gonna eliminate all miss interpretation in people mind so they can see your true selves.

Crack The Code

We don’t just simply build a random mobile apps. Before we build it we always think about who use it. We gonna research your target, finding their need, solve their problem. This method will simply build a mobile apps that customer oriented.

Alpha To Beta Stage

In this stage, we’re gonna convert all the data that we get into a mobile apps that your target cannot resist. We design based on what they like, and all the feature we make will full their needs.

Ready To Launch

After had very hard time to make it. Now it’s time for the moment of truth. Let them feel your ultimate mobile apps. Our work doesn’t finish here. We gonna keep develop it, because you know your enemy and target always evolve.

Browse The Unknown

We never ever tired to do a research. It’s something that  we do everyday. We focused our research on your user. It’s gonna make us know what they like, what they really want. When everything is known we can build a website that everybody like.

Prototype The Idea

This the stage we love the most. We call it trial-error stage. We gonna experiment many things, turn our crazy into something awesome, with user experience keep in our mind. We gonna keep do it, until we make it perfect.

Deliver The Site

This is the most thrilling part. After the hard work we do, it’s time to  deliver your website to your user. We’re gonna monitor your website, and review the result. This process will take a while, there is no such thing like a instant success right? It takes time to make it perfect. So after this you will enjoy your upgraded website.

Set The Mission

You are the commander. Set the mission to us and we gonna set the plant for you. We not gonna let you down, we gonna  make sure to produce good result.

Make A BlueprintDiscover The Solution

Like we said, work smart not hard. We gonna explore all to the solution to find the best method and effective way to fulfill our mission.

Produce The Result

We know that you want from us is the result. Your business growth is our top priority, so we gonna select our special team to do it. The word will your hear from them is “mission success”.

Create Amazing Visuals

Our Visual Factory run by creative and experience team. They set very high standard for the content that their made. For them every there is no such a good and bad visual, there is only a visual that fit or doesn’t fit to the context.

Creating The Experience

This our quality control. Our user expert will analyze every content that every factory made. It’s very IMPORTANT to make sure every content we produce can make you connect with your target.

Storytelling Factory

Our Story-telling Factory run by the most ambitious writer team. They very obsessed to touch people heart through their writing. For them the success is when they can help you connected with your customer with what their write.

Aim & Lock

We aim the target precisely, we gonna search and research all potencial target.  After that we gonna lock the target so we can deliver the message to the right people in the right place.

Set The Route

We gonna find the best routes and set the shortcut to deliver the message. The faster message delivered the more impactful your message. So now you can spend your budget effectively and wisely.

Monitor The Campaign

Our job is not finished when the message has been deliver. We gonna keep monitoring it. So when it comes something unexpected happen we already know the solution, your message must be delivered no matter what happen.
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